Expand the pool of new talent for future board positions.

Corporate boards perform better when they include the best people who come from a range of perspectives and backgrounds. Here are some actions you can take right now to improve the Gender Balance of female leadership within your organisation.

Attend a Women as Leaders programme for experienced women professionals, managers and directors who want to accelerate their careers.

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Join Global Board Ready Women online LinkedIn network and learn from peers at Board level

Join Global Board Ready Women LinkedIn network

It's time to shift tactics when it comes to recruiting women onto tech boards. This publication offers up some practical strategies to get more women into board leadership positions.


Join specific and targeted initiatives that look to broaden the pipeline of women at all levels, from “schoolroom to boardroom”.



higher return on investment for women-led tech companies


female chairman throughout the FTSE 100


of FTSE 350 board represenation to be female by 2020 in government target

More actions you can take to expand the female talent pool within your organisations.

Engage and include men, they are the majority decision makers and are key to facilitating change.

Ask Executive and most senior employees to sponsor one capable, high potential woman each.

Set up formal mentoring programmes whereby senior men and women, mentor aspiring women

Encourage cross-organisation networks for men and women, helping increase the visibility of women as senior role models

Encourage senior women to go for board positions outside the organisation, raising their profile, value and skill set

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