Kayleigh Bateman via Computer Weekly

Women in Tech, part of Tech London Advocates, is on a mission to increase awareness of the advantages of having a diverse workforce in the tech sector.

Led by Sarah Luxford and Nikki Watkins of European Leaders, the Women in Tech Group aims to support, develop and promote the benefits of a diverse workforce and address the lack of females in the tech sector.

Short-term goals of the group include sharing best practice in recruiting techniques, raising awareness of the impact of diversity on performance, and to create and execute on measurable actions to demonstrate business value.

The group will also collate its findings and create a charter with guideline and tips to move the gender diversity agenda forward, particularly for companies looking to start in London and the surrounding areas.

Long-term goals of the working group include demonstrating improvements in the way diversity is being handled, particularly at board level, looking at the broader agenda to understand early influence and the education of children. The group plans to submit a whitepaper to the government for consideration to assist in policy-making that directly affects women in the workforce and beyond.

Speaking to Computer Weekly, Sarah Luxford, partner at European Leaders, said: “We focus on five areas – finance, women on boards, best practice in terms of how to recruit new talent, techEd and mentoring.