#SheCanDoTech initiatives

We target 5 areas that require positive change to make gender balance & equality happen within the tech industry.

1/5 Boards

Building a network of #SheCanDoTech Advocates that will champion boardroom diversity // Profiling senior female leaders // #SheCanDoTech careers workshops and networking opportunities for Advocates
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2/5 Best Practice

Creation of #SheCanDoTech Manifesto // Supporting executive key decision makers (C-level, Board level) through #SheCanDoTech workshops and events // Providing insight to government to support policy
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3/5 Education

#SheCanDoTech campaigns and events targeted at connecting educators, pupils and career advisory bodies with business professionals // Empowering and inspiring our members through a #SheCanDoTech digital skills workshop
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4/5 Funding

Partnering with organisations to support females investers/investees // Promote and encourage entrepreneurial Advocates seeking routes to funding  // #SheCanDoTech Presentation & Pitching skills workshop
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5/5 Mentoring

Partnering with tech providers and facilitating introductions to encourage #SheCanDoTech mentoring and sponsorship opportunities // #SheCanDoTech neuroscience workshops to improve mindset, beliefs and confidence 
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