Cultivate and liberate talent

Foster female talent at all levels through best practice recruitment + retention + network activities. Here are some actions you can take right now.

Use a balanced scorecard to develop accountable and transparent diversity metrics. Read "Ten Commandments for Effective Diversity & Inclusion Metrics" to find out how.


Read about integrating HR practices and strategic diversity initiatives to create an inclusive, high performing workforce.


Create a Circle community that meets regularly to learn and share together — studies show we achieve more in groups than we do as individuals.

Start or join a Circle

Watch/download/share these resources designed to help us recognise our biases so we can reduce their negative effects in the workplace.

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Good Practice thumbs up to these companies:

More actions you can take to generate, cultivate and liberate female talent within your organisations.

Develop a talent management programme aimed at investing in, developing and retaining female talent and leaders.

Engage with diverse communities and groups outside of your organisation to increase your network whilst also improving your brand and reputation.

Create employee networks and support systems.

Expand your network by joining these organisations:

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Join us in making and taking impactful actions in our #SheCanDoTech Best Practice movement.