WOMENINTECH founders, Sarah Luxford and Nikki Watkins, have been active in the tech industry for over 30 years. They established this movement to pursue positive change by liberating female talent, cultivating an inclusive culture and generating a diverse workforce.

Today’s stats speak for themselves. Why do the world’s leading tech companies still employ a 70% male workforce? Why are there so few women in senior leadership roles? Why are organisations that are so keen to remove gender inequality still struggling to achieve their goals?

Thinking they would see a different picture in the US, Women in Tech’s founders Sarah Luxford and Nikki Watkins went to California’s Silicon Valley. They met with 50 of the top women working in tech to observe best practice. This led to an extensive outreach to explore the issue across borders. Gender balance was highlighted as being a global problem in the tech industry and verified the importance of founding a movement based in London, to pursue positive change by liberating female talent, cultivating an inclusive culture and generating a diverse workforce.

Sarah Luxford

An executive head hunter with a passion for ensuring that the workforce of today reflects our wider society, Sarah encourages her clients to challenge the status quo when they seek new talent, advising both the private and public sector on the power of diversity.

Her work with international tech companies led to co-founding the Tech London Advocates WOMENINTECH group, working with key influencers of the digital community to change the way they think, act and feel towards diversity.

Sarah Luxford is a Director at Executive Search + Talent Development firm Nexec Leaders and a Co-Founder of the community led initiative, Croydon Tech City


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Nikki Watkins

An executive coach and organisational transformation specialist, Nikki has developed a proven methodology for tackling the gender diversity issues created by unconscious bias in the tech sector.

A Co-Founder of the Tech London Advocates WOMENINTECH working group and a dedicated campaigner for change.

Focused on promoting the cause of Women in Leadership, Nikki's desire to help women break through culturally defined barriers and achieve extraordinary things led to co-founding the Women in Tech movement.

Nikki Watkins is CEO of leadership transformation company Tyche Leadership Consulting Ltd


Founders, Sarah Luxford and Nikki Watkins, at signature event “Advocating change – a new dawn for gender intelligence in business” for London Tech Week at House of Lords.

Co-Founder, Sarah Luxford's call to action to help tackle the divide in technology #diversity #Sprint16. Watch here

Co-Founder, Sarah Luxford recently participated in a roundtable at Downing Street as part of the SVC2UK programme to discuss female led start-ups.