Proud to announce that TLA WOMENINTECH will soon be launching our AAA Award for Gender Diversity

We have been proudly talking about our approach to addressing the Gender imbalance for nearly 4 years now. In our first meeting, we stated ‘We believe companies are sabotaging their future success by not hiring for diversity”. It stands true today. To assist businesses in tracking and announcing the progress they are making we are excited to announce the TLA WOMENINTECH AAA Award for Gender diversity.

TLA WOMENINTECH encourages the tech community, companies and professionals to undertake the AAA journey to inspire long-term change. This is a journey, and we know that companies are at the front edge of this agenda. We recognise all aspects of diversity are important, but believe that if companies focus on this group they will develop competence in creating a more diverse workforce, which will both support women today, and attract the talent of the future. If every business, small medium and large signed up then the landscape would be transformed.

The AAA Award has been created with the incredible insights and inputs from all our Advocates, we believe that this systemic approach to change will make the difference we are all looking for.

There are 3 stages that you can be rewarded for, they are practical and proven, and whilst we are sure they will evolve, if all companies of all sizes, did these right now we know that according to the Mckinsey report ‘Power of Parity’ that the UK GDP would be billions better off.



Your Commitment:

We are committed to understanding the gender landscape in our business and to drive a change through shifting mindset. We know our baseline and are aware of our next steps towards Adoption.


Your Commitment:

We are adopting practices that minimise bias and maximise inclusion and belonging for women in our business. We are actively demonstrating we are committed to the journey of change.


Your Commitment:

We are fully committed to the cause of gender diversity. Leaders, managers and our employees are active and advocating for the Gender Agenda both internally and externally and we are known as a company that is fully embracing this subject.